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February 25, 2005

I want Apple everywhere

There is a great deal of hype spinning this week about Apple's potential acquisition of TiVo (for in-depth see "Everybody loves TiVo, but will it survive?" ). (UPDATE: Thanks to Fast Company for highlighting that more discussion continues on the Apple/TiVo combo at Steve Gilliard's News Blog and Infectious Greed.)

Not to get too overwhelmingly personal, but my house is what you would call "modern." Not contemporary, but modern. As in 1950ís modern. Am I into appearances? Um, yeah, Iím in marketing and design. Nuff said. Shallow, thatís me.

Now, as we all know, one of the most difficult elements with which to work in the modern style is the stockpile of electronics that todayís typical homeowner has acquired to provide entertainment of the audio and visual variety. Thereís the tuner, the turntable, the tape deck, the CD player, the speakers, the TV, the DVR, the DVD, the VCR, the surround sound, and the untold number of remotes for running it all. Itís the Achillesí heel of an otherwise well-designed room. They are not attractive. They are not well designed. In short, they are not pretty. And they arenít even ugly pretty. You know that almost ugly-modern look that makes something look pretty? I digress. Perhaps Iíll blog more on this subject at a later date. AnywayÖ

I guess what Iím saying is that the home electronics market, by and large, is the home computer market, pre-iMac. Itís ugly, psuedo-utilitarian functionality without even a nod to aesthetic. Currently, I sit and look at my iPod sitting on top of my stereo and just shake my head.

So, what electronics would work in a modern house? High-lacquer pretty well-designed electronics, i.e. huge iPods. Suffice it to say, I want pretty, pretty Apple products everywhere in my house. Even though the only "Mac" I own is an iPod (well I have an LCIII, ye olde pizza box Mac), I would jump at the chance to have a girth of well-designed Apple products throughout my living space. Wow. Would I look cool. And looking cool is about as close as Iím going to get to being cool. Iím willing to buy that.

With a TiVO acquisition, Apple would bookend its eventual ownership of the entire entertainment center. Today, the living room, tomorrow the house. One bookend, the iPod, could take over all of my stereo components, giving me a very, very pretty listening station for MP3s, radio, and any other type of audio I want to peruse. All in glistening white prettiness. The other bookend, TiVo, would give Apple ownership of my video-based media. The Apple monitors could be expanded to flat-screen televisions. The DVD player isnít far behind. Is it? And I really think Apple would pull a doozy by redesigning the turntable.

I mean, really. I could sit and stare at the Apple stuff without even turning it on. I think I just sat and stared at my iPod for a week before I did anything with it. (Now, itís all scratched and Iím thinking about starting an iPod buffing service for freaks like me.) So, I would probably just sit and stare at all my new pretty components. And that would be great, because I probably wouldnít be able to afford electricity after the buying binge that would outfit my entire house with Apple stuff.

Please Apple. Please buy TiVo. Please start making all kinds of pretty entertainment products. Please? And wouldnít that be an extremely interesting way of backing into the home computer market?

Most of all, I just want my wife to quit complaining about our ugly TV.

Thanks for reading and joining me in encouraging Apple to make our worldís more pretty. I hope you return.


I want Apple everywhere
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