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September 20, 2005

Things to do in Denver when your plane is dead

Ah, Denver airport. How do I love thee? Not very much considering you charge me for wireless connectivity. Charge? Well, if I'm going to pay for it, you might as well get some value out of it.

Catching up on my reading, I thought that these were worth passing along:

  • continues to draw a crowd

  • James Torio is delivering his masters thesis Blogs: A Global Conversation as a serial of blog entries

  • Nick Usborne does his usual fine job of delivering guidance, this time on making copy more interesting by making it more personal

  • Aside: When have you officially "abandoned" your luggage? There's a guy near me who continues to walk about 100 yards away from his bag

  • Jason at rails on customer service that is too polite

  • Google continues to consume all information and all media; now offering

  • Slacker Manager provides some great guidance on fast-tracking yourself


Things to do in Denver when your plane is dead
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