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October 26, 2005

Skip hypocritical today; discover Whitespace

I was all keyed up to post, today. And then I read Paul Scrivens post on brand over at Whitespace.

And, for once, unselfishly, I decided I'd bow my pen for the greater good. No, I don't plan to make this a habit.

So, please, pretty please with cream and sugar on top, head over there and read Paul's post. While you're reading that and learning something for a change, I'm going to spend some time working on the next version of hypocritical.

I could have said it worse, but I couldn't have said it better. Go. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Are you still here? You're interested in my views? Aw, I'm touched. Okay, well go read:
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Skip hypocritical today; discover Whitespace
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