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December 02, 2005

Work with me here

We depart, today, gentle reader, from the usual hustle and bustle of hypocritical to provide a public service announcement of sorts.

As regular readers know, I generally try to keep a definitive separation of church-and-state, here. A separation where I don't discuss where I work or what I do in real life. Well, today, I'm taking a little departure from that. Why, you ask? Because I am in need. And, as you may have guessed from the banter here, it is always all about me.

You see, in my real life, I'm not the suave, witty enfant terrible you see here. No, no, my friend. In actuality, I am but an average working joe. In fact, for the last 6 months I have been engaged in a new role at a new company, spending my waking hours managing the marketing communications activities for Digimarc Corporation. I know, not exactly the facade I tend to proffer here. Forgive me, my hubris.

In any case, my feet now wet, the opportunity of a lifetime has arisen, not so much for me, but for you, my friend. You, or someone like you, could have the opportunity to work with... me.

Just imagine. Day-in-day-out. Here, in scenic Beaverton, Oregon. With me. The head swims at the concept, I realize. Let's just take a moment to relax, shall we?

Okay, feeling better? Let's continue.

If you, or anyone you know, fits the following description, please send a note my way, comment below, or visit the job posting to apply.
Marketing Design Specialist

Location: US - Beaverton, Oregon
Posted: 12.02.2005
Field: Print Design

Responsible for assisting in the development, production, and on-going maintenance of Digimarc Corporation marketing communications efforts, with specific focus on creating and maintaining the consistency of graphics, artwork, and corporate identity elements. This is the ideal role for a graphic designer looking to expand his/her skills into coordinating and implementing marketing communications programs while learning a broad range of strategies and tactics.

(Complete role description, requirements, and online application can be found here.)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Work with me here
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