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August 29, 2007

Hulu violates cardinal rule of naming

And there was much rejoicing (inside the the NewsCorp and NBC Universal offices) as the name of the "YouTube killer" was finally announced.

And the name? Hulu.

No, I didn't cough. It's Hulu. Hulu. With one "L." Hulu.


And as if that wasn't bad enough, they went and violated the cardinal rule of naming: they told you it was supposed to be "fun."

Um, okay.

In fact, the CEO slathers on the fun and pounds you senseless with sophomoric pedantry as he explains:

"Why Hulu? Objectively, Hulu is short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and rhymes with itself. Subjectively, Hulu strikes us as an inherently fun name, one that captures the spirit of the service we’re building. Our hope is that Hulu will embody our (admittedly ambitious) never-ending mission, which is to help you find and enjoy the world’s premier content when, where and how you want it."

Wow. I feel lucky to be alive.

As one commentor said, "Should have stuck with ClownCo."

I couldn't agree more. ClownCo screams fun. But it doesn't rhyme with itself.

In other news, "hulu" is Indonesian for "ass."

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Hulu violates cardinal rule of naming

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August 15, 2007

The relentless pursuit of mediocrity

Just saw word that Chrysler has likely hired a former Lexus marketing VP as their CMO.

I wrote a post over on More than a living about how Chrysler's recent CEO choice was likely a complete mistake. Now, there's this.

Hopefully, the new CMO will have a hand in brand consolidation, product management, and research & development.

Because, I have to be honest. Chrysler has more problems than I can shake a proverbial stick at.

And, if they continue to think of this as a "perception" problem or a "communications" problem, all the Celine Dion and Dr. Z in the world isn't going to save them from the deadpool.

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The relentless pursuit of mediocrity

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August 09, 2007

Portland, Oregon: Rose City + Silicon Forest

Portland, Oregon. Call it the "Rose City." Call it the "Silicon Forest."

Call it whatever you want. Point is you've heard all of the hype.

Yes, yes. It's a cool place and it's where I happen to live. Bully for me.

But there's one thing that I've noticed lacking.

No, it's not sunshine. It's following-the-shiny-object tech coverage. You know, the "get all excited about the latest and greatest thing and then forget about it in a couple of days" tech coverage? Or, to be less snarky, the "I think I've built something really cool and I want everyone to know about it" tech coverage?

I mean, I read a bunch of the "Web 2.0" blogs. Every morning. TechCrunch. Mashable. eHub. And they're great and all. But I really want to know about the cool stuff that's happening down the street from me. Or in my backyard.

I've told you guys a hundred times. Get out of my backyard. NIMBY!

Sorry. Forget about the guys in my backyard. I'm more interested in the stuff down the street.

I'm talking about the folks who are doing great work, below the radar. They're not getting coverage in The Oregonian or the Silicon Forest blog. Although those folks are interesting to me, too.

But I'm thinking primarily about that other group.

You know those folks. They're all interested in "building standards-compliant tools" and "making cool products." They're busy being developers and not marketers. So they often don't have time to toot their own horns.

Well, luckily, I have time to toot their horns. So I will. So to speak.

So, being the industrious type that I am, and needing somewhere to remind me of all the cool Portland developers and bloggers doing cool stuff, I started another side project.

At this point, I have more sides than a dodecahedron.

Yes, it's a blog. Shocking.

It's called Silicon Florist. And it's designed to bring recognition to the great work being done in the Portland community. Small scale startup work. Thoughtful big company work. Good thinking and good building.

With Silicon Florist, I'm hoping to help a thousand flowers bloom here in our little Silicon Forest.

If it sounds interesting to you, why not subscribe or at least stop by for a visit?

And, if you're one of the aforementioned companies. And you live or work in the Portland metropolitan area. And you're busy doing good work. Feel free to drop me a line and I'll keep an eye on you.

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Portland, Oregon: Rose City + Silicon Forest

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August 06, 2007

LinkedIn and the Michelle Madigan DEFCON debacle

Plenty has been already been written and broadcast about the Michelle Madigan DEFCON incident, so I won't bore you with yet another rundown.

But there is one thing I noticed, but haven't read about yet, so I'm a bit curious...

How bad do things have to get before you pull your LinkedIn profile? (Michelle Madigan's LinkedIn profile is cached by Google, here.)

I mean, sure, she's not going to want to list "DEFCON 2007 attendee" under activities. But I'm sure LinkedIn could be a helpful resource in her imminent, if not already initiated, job search.

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LinkedIn and the Michelle Madigan DEFCON debacle

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